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  1. Searching for Rock Art in the American Southwest

    One of our fellow Bogley members, IntrepidXJ, wrote a nice article for us back in Issue 2 of OutdoorX4 Magazine on the different types of rock art that can be found in the American Southwest. It was...
  2. [Trip Report] In Search of El Dorado - Fly Fishing in Bolivia

    Back in Issue 1 we featured an exceptional piece on fly fishing in Bolivia by acclaimed author Matt Harris entitled "In Search of El Dorado". We've republished his work on the OutdoorX4 website and...
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    OutdoorX4 Gear Guide Now Available!

    OutdoorX4 Magazine (outdoor by 4) is proud to announce the release of our first-ever Gear Guide! You can view the digital edition FREE by visiting and you can also...
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    That's a great question and I was very curious to...

    That's a great question and I was very curious to see how attendance was affected by Bears Ears etc. From what I could tell, the event was pretty much just as packed as it has been in previous years....
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    Gear from Outdoor Retailer Show

    Last week I had a chance to attend the annual Summer Market Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City and we've highlilghted a number of super cool products from the show. Read all about it here:
  6. Issue 21 of OutdoorX4 Magazine Now Available

    Issue 21 of OutdoorX4 Magazine is now available in digital with the print edition soon to release. If you're not subscribed, all Bogley members automatically get a discount by using coupon code...
  7. Latest Issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine Now Viewable in Digital

    The latest issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine has shipped and is now viewable in digital on any device with a browser. We've got some great articles in this newest issue including a nicely written article...
  8. 25% OFF OutdoorX4 Magazine Subscriptions, Tees, Decals and Back Issues through Dec 10

    Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Give the gift of OutdoorX4 Magazine! Now through Dec. 10 use coupon code holidays2016 on our website to get 25% OFF subscriptions, tees, decals, and back issues....
  9. New Issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine - Bogley Members get 20% OFF!

    The latest issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine (outdoor by 4) has published in both print AND digital and you can view a 40-page preview in the link below. Click the Subscribe to OutdoorX4 button on the...
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    [Gear] Gear from Summer Outdoor Retailer Show

    Our Gear Editor was at Summer OR two weeks ago and wrote up a nice piece on the coolest outdoors gear he spotted while at OR. Check it out here and post up if you were there to tell what gear you...
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    OutdoorX4 Father's Day Sale Ends 6/19

    Do you have an awesome dad and you're looking for an awesome gift this Father's Day weekend? Give the gift of OutdoorX4 Magazine and any of our adventure lifestyle items such as tees, decals, and...
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    [How To] Geocaching 101

    One of our contributors wrote a nice piece on getting started with geocaching for anyone who needs a "geocaching 101" perspective. You can check it out on the OutdoorX4 Magazine website here:
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    What's the best overlanding vehicle?

    Ever since we launched our first issue back in January 2014 we've had countless numbers of inquiries from folks wondering which vehicle is the BEST overlanding vehicle.

    Our Overland Columnist,...
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    [For Sale] Black Diamond Cobra Carbon Ice Tools

    I've got a pair of Black Diamond Cobra Carbon Ice Tools that I've only used once that are just sitting in my gear closet. They are in excellent condition (probably 9.5 out of 10) and include a Black...
  15. 20% OFF OutdoorX4 Magazine and Gear Now through 11/30

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this but for those not familiar with OutdoorX4 Magazine (outdoor by 4), it's focused on the overland adventure lifestyle and is available in print at most major...
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    Nice trip report. That area continues to be a...

    Nice trip report. That area continues to be a photogenic place to visit. :)
  17. [For Sale] New Go Explore Decals from OutdoorX4 Magazine

    OutdoorX4 Magazine is pleased to announce the release of our new "Go Explore" decals! Whether you're an avid overlander, outdoorsman, or outdoor adventurer, there's a decal for just about everyone.
  18. OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue 9 Now Available!

    This was intended for posting about 1.5 weeks ago but alas, it's better to be late than never!

    Issue 9 has published and for subscribers, you should have it already or should have it any day...
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    OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue 8 Has Released

    Just wanted to let everyone know the latest issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine has published and print copies are now being shipped. If you'd like to see a 34-page preview digitally, you can visit...
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    Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier Backpack

    I have a brand-new, never used Sherpani Rumba Carrier Backpack my wife and I purchased two years ago but never got around to using. The pack is light green/brown and has a number of features that we...
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    OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue 6 is LIVE!

    Issue 6 of OutdoorX4 Magazine (pronounced "outdoor by 4) is LIVE and the digital edition can be viewed by visiting Print copies of the magazine shipped on Monday to all...
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    [Trip Report] Great pics! Which tent are you using?

    Great pics! Which tent are you using?
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    Mountain Biking at Area BFE

    Has anyone done any MTB out at Area BFE in Moab? I know BFE has been a haven for the 4x4 crowd but there are supposed to be some real gems for MTB and rock climbing there. If you've been, post up...
  24. [Help] Did you ever get any info on this? I'm curious...

    Did you ever get any info on this? I'm curious as well. Also curious, in general, of all the singletrack out there as I'd like to do an article on it in OutdoorX4 Magazine. Cheers!
  25. Powering your backcountry adventure with solar panels

    This past May I had a chance to visit with Brian from Overland Solar and was extremely impressed with the quality of his numerous solar panel products for powering anything/everything from small...
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