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  1. Problems With Work, Problems At Work and People Problems

    There is a team leader in our company whose staff keep coming up to me to complain about him.We do not have an HR perse - "perks" of a small company, so as part of admin, I mediate all the time, at...
  2. We went camping a few weeks ago - wasn't too good...

    We went camping a few weeks ago - wasn't too good because it kept raining. Anyway, we brought a potty seat (the one used to train kids) for the girls. When someone needs to pee or something, we do it...
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    Stephen Covey

    Hi Guys, I just got a copy of the "7 Habits" book, but someone told me that the seminars are worth going to. Has anyone joined? What can you say about the seminar? I know that they are pricey, is...
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    INUNDATED? I had to look up...

    INUNDATED? I had to look up the word.

    You know, it's not like there is a one stop shop like what we call in IT services, as a one stop shop for your IT needs. When camping, especially with kids,...
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    Camping Checklist

    Does anyone have a ready camping checklist? Well, our camping trip in June will be a family one in a pretty safe and well-regulated area - not a mountain trek and camping where you can expect the...
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    Hi. Newbie from CA

    Hi everyone. I have just registered. Hopefully, I can share a lot of ideas too the same way that I am reading a lot of info in this site.
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