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06-30-2015, 09:27 AM
New Rodcle Takamaka 55 litre pack, $190


Rodcle Takamaka 55L

It is the highest backpack in its range, with a variety of possibilities and a high drainage capacity, designed for expeditions and being used for a few days. It combines the highest performance, floatage and a capacity of 45/55 liters, its shape is oval.
The design of the back support provides great comfort, making them easier to use for long time. The body is made of thermosetting polyester tissue high tenacity PVC coated high-layer, this coating is highly visible and offers extreme resistance to tearing and abrasion traction which lengthens its life.

Main features:

Conformed cover with exterior opening pocket with special plastic zipper,
Protection of the bottom seam,
Quick release closures,
Adjustable capacity of either 45 or 55 liters,
Padded shoulder straps with material carrier loops,
Tape fastening system By-Rodcle,
Lower reinforcement band,
Lateral drainage system with eight Hidraplus,
Backrest padded and lumbar support with system Adaptative Air increasing comfort and lightness,
Double seams,
internal material holder,
Central outer loop conformed, etc…

Due to such features it can be considered that this pack offers the best performance both in ease of use and transport as well as reliability and durability.

Diameter 29x32 cm.
Height 68 cm (55 Liters).
It can store watertight containers of 13 and 15 liters.
Color: Yelow
Size: 55 Liters reducible to 45 Liters.