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06-22-2015, 12:42 PM
Hey, Everybody.

It pains me to do this, but a string of life and death situations over the past 6 weeks have completely depleted my bank account and my landlord is not an understanding person. So, to avoid receiving an eviction notice in the next 2 days (even though we've never been late before and I do most repairs myself from my own pocket), I have to raise $1,500. So, to get that started, I need to sell this AR. It was built for my son as a welcome home present after his LDS mission and has never been fired.

I'm asking $750 for it. It includes the rifle, 1 Mag, a Barska Red Dot sight and 110 rounds of brass target ammo. Lower says Nodak Arms. Local sale preferred for expeditious reasons.

08-13-2018, 09:39 PM
Have you successfully sold that?

03-07-2021, 11:08 PM
Still available?

06-23-2021, 07:22 AM
Still available?

Do you realize that the OP posted this thread in 2015.