View Full Version : News Wasatch Weeknight Trail Run Series

Gambel Oak
06-04-2013, 05:22 PM
I keep meaning to post this and then I get sucked into the internet k-hole. It's a low key weekday race series (http://www.runontrails.com/) for those who want to get a little intensity and save their weekends for long runs. This is the second year, they have their act together, and it has expanded to Corner Canyon. It's show and go (you don't have to register in advance), 15 bucks, every other week. When it starts getting real hot it will move up to Solitude and Snowbird. They have worked hard and picked up some great sponsors with the most recent being Salomon. Yeah, I want that pair of shoes they are giving away but would settle for a Kuhl shirt. All the swag is via raffle at the end of the race.

The next race is June 5th at the corner canyon equestrian center. They will be there dealing with numbers and what not at 5:30 PM, racing starts at 6:30 PM. I probably missed some info but everyone here is sophisticated internet users and can go check it out on thier site (http://http://www.runontrails.com/) / facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wasatch-Trail-Run-Series-wwwRunOnTrailscom/247726315344070). They are pretty good about updating their facebook page with the latest information on the races, GPS maps, results, reminders of where and when.

It's all part of my master plan: Operation Hairy Meat Jacket...AKA Shedding the Winter Plumage! Hope to see some new faces tomorrow.