View Full Version : Gym Membership (good deal) for Northern Utah folks

08-30-2010, 06:31 PM
So for those living in Northern Utah (ogden area) I am letting you know of a great trade/deal going on.

If you purchase a membership from The Sportsplex (http://www.sportsplexgyms.com/) (in Kaysville) ranging from $20-$30, the only component that they lack is a pool. So to make up for it, the Sportsplex has a *full* gym membership to the Ogden Athletic Club (http://ogdenathletic.com/) (in Ogden, obviously) for an additional $8/month.

In other words, two full gyms, in two different locations all for $28/month.

Not bad eh?

BTW, the $8 deal is only through the Sportsplex (that's what the OAC said).