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03-03-2008, 08:55 AM
From the timp grotto site

[quote]March 14-17 2008 - Lehman Caves Lint Cave
Location: Great Basin National Park, Nevada
2008 Lehman Caves Lint Camp
Great Basin National Park
March 14-17, 21-24
Lehman Caves is a developed cave operated by the National Park Service at Great Basin National Park. The cave
receives nearly 40,000 visitors on an annual basis. Due to heavy visitation, lint accumulates along the tour route in the
cave. A formal lint camp has not been conducted at Lehman Caves since 2000, so there is currently a great deal of lint
that needs to be removed. Lint camps are a great way to spend time with other cavers and a rewarding experience that
provides a real service for the cave. The lint camp will be conducted on two consecutive weekends in March.
Volunteers are encouraged to be present for as much of the weekend as possible. Based on the fragile nature of the cave
(highly decorated, constricted passages) the lint camp will be limited to 12 participants per day. Each day will begin
with an orientation to provide instruction on proper techniques for reducing impact on cave features and cave biota.