View Full Version : Canyoneering or Climbing Partner(s) Wanted in CA 9/27 - 9/30

09-17-2007, 12:29 PM
Hey there,

I'll be heading to the Los Angeles area for work, and am going to tack
on some vacation to play out there. I will be done working on
Wednesday 9/26 afternoon; and would love to hook up with some folks
for some canyoneering and/or climbing. I can play from Thurs 9/27
through Sun 9/30; catching a flight on Sunday out of LAX around 6pm
(so it would have to be a shorter day.) Contact me sideband at: aj
(at) meet-outdoors (dot) com if you are interested and available.

For some background on me:

I have around 250 canyons under my belt; including some R and X
ones; as well as about 15 class C canyons. Also have significant
experience in related sports of mountaineering, climbing, caving,
whitewater rafting/kayaking, backpacking, and adventure racing.

Current climbing ability is conservatively set at 5.7 for trad lead,
5.8 for sport lead, and 5.9 for toprope. (Although, my true limits
are more towards one point or more above that; just don't really
like to fall on anything other than toprope. For a recent
experience, just climbed last week making 2 x 5.10c climbs without
falling on toprope; and this weekend got on an 8 pitch 5.8 trad

Take care,