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07-30-2007, 11:02 AM
September 14-15 2007 - Big Brush Creek Cave

Location: Vernal, Utah
It's time to go caving again! I will be leading a trip to Big Brush
Creek Cave for all those who are interested. Big Brush is the second
longest cave in Utah and holds high regards to many of Utah's cavers.

The plan for the trip will be as follows:

For those that are interested in camping by Big Brush we will be
heading out friday. If you are not interested in camping, we will
plan to meet in the morning at the parking lot next to Big Brush.

Saturday we will head down to Big Brush and go into the ice cave
section first, then head down into the main part of the cave as far
as the group is comfortable (Also depending on group size). After
that we will head out and find Clausterphobia Cave and Capture Cave.
When we are done with this area and time permitting we will head over
to Little Brush to see the entrance of Little Brush Creek Cave
(Utah's longest cave), Toothbrush and Ice Cave. Depending on time I
want to do a quick re-con on the status of the Black and White Pits
in the ice cave.

There is no cap on the size of group that wants to go, so if you are
interested in seeing some of Utah's coolest caves here is your

All that participate will need some basic caving equipment:

- Helmet
- Light mounted on helmet
- 2 sources of backup light
- Gloves
- Coveralls or clothing that you don't mind getting muddy and
possibly wet.
- Water
- Energy Food
- Knee pads are a good idea for these caves but not required
- PMA (Positive Mental Attidute)
- Camera

If you are interested in this trip, please contact me at
robertcranney@gmail.com . You can call me at 801-623-0971. Leave a

Trip Leader: Robert Cranney, robertcranney@gmail.com, 801-623-0971

Big Brush Creek is a fun cave. BIG entrance, lots of exploring. Here's some pics from when I did it a few years back...



09-11-2007, 08:57 AM
This trip has been bumped back to October. I'm waiting to find out the exact details. I'll post an update when I know.