View Full Version : Advice for Froggin (w Pantin)

07-27-2007, 07:42 AM
Did some practice frogging last night. I'm wondering if y'all can help me improve on my frog setup and technique.

Question 1: I have the GGG H chest harness. It doesn't seem to be able to hold me close enough to the rope. What seems to happen is the back part attached to my waist belt of my seat harness, pulls the harness up and creates slack. I have a climbing harness, so my croll doesn't stay as low as it probably would with a caving specific harness. I attached a pic that shows the slack in my chest harness. Any advice?

Question 2: My understanding is when froggin with a pantin, you should move each foot individually, like rope walking. There's something unnatural feeling about doing it this way. It seems more natural to do a standard frog technique where I move both the pantin up, and the foot in foot tape at the same time, then stand up on both feet. It's difficult to critique my technique without watching me do it I'm sure, but anyone have any advice on the proper technique when using a pantin? Maybe I should take a short video and throw it on youtube...

07-29-2007, 06:36 PM
Hmmm---that is a lot of slack. I use a Black Diamond chest harness, I too use a climbing harness but it does not have a belay loop, I close it with a D ring screw link, and I fasten the one end of my croll directly to it and to my chest harness by a small screw link. That keeps it low and centered.

I use the traditional frog set up but can modify it to an inchworm type deal if I get tired of pushing my ascender above my head. I am working on a system that I can unclip my foot loops from each other if you will and climb in them without getting out of the loops. Presently both loops are together and linked to my ascender by some small diameter perlon ( sp??) rope.

I have used a ropewalker and that is really nice but complex if you have to go over a lip or go on or off rope more than a few times.