View Full Version : Tragedy in AF canyon

06-19-2007, 10:34 AM
I'm sure most of us have heard of this, but in case you hadn't:

and an interesting follow-up:

Seems like this bear had already been interested in the campground.

This sort of thing scares the hoochie out of me. I've always loved camping in Utah because you don't necessarily have to take the serious precautions against bears. This sort of thing really makes me stop and re-think my strategy and habits.

How about any of you? Do you really hang bear bags? make your kitchen 100 ft from your tent, etc.?


06-19-2007, 05:59 PM
Most of the higher country in Az has bears etc. I always bag and hang my food, any scented articles. Keep a clean camp and no food in tent at all. I try to avoid well used campsites that bears may have habituated to.

I've seen several black bears and had a large one stroll down a stream by our campsite in the middle of the night. No problems. In a mountain range I frequent, the Galiuros, one of the largest Black bears in the state was killed on Kennedy Peak there, and one spring down Corral Canyon I counted 25+ piles of various ages of bear poop. Didn't camp in that canyon for sure.