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06-06-2007, 09:08 AM
It's been decided that Utah will host the Rocky Mountain Regional again this year on Sept. 1, 2, 3, 2007. I went to part of the 2005 event and had a good time. It will be held this year up near Vernal. There's a bunch of cool caves up in that area, so this is a good opportunity to get underground. :2thumbs: http://forums.caves.org/images/smiles/eusa_dance.gif

06-29-2007, 01:41 PM
This has now been canceled

REGIONAL ACTIVITY CANCLED - It was a good Idea at the time

Chuck Acklin heard this in the 80's.

While hiking in Southeastern Utah's Canyon Lands National Park. Two days
into our trip, we thought we were alone. To our amazement we heard loud
laughter followed by screams. A short distance off the trail, we watched a
lone, naked man. He jumped, tumbled, and then rolled in a large patch of
prickly-pear cactus. After a few more tumbles and rolls that naked man lost

As my son went up the trail to a ranger station, my daughters and I
carefully moved him from the cactus patch. We treated him for shock. There
was not much more we could do. He was covered with cactus spines, appeared
traumatized, and was in obvious pain. Before life-flight arrived he regained
consciousness. I overheard my eight-year-old daughter, whose task it was to
talk to him, ask, "Why did you roll around in that cactus patch?" His answer
came between labored gasps. "Ya knows - it did seem - like a good idea - at
the time."

We will always act on what we think is the best idea at any given time. Our
problems surface when motivation is not matched with what we had in mind.

At the last Utah Grottos meeting, we had considerable discussion and
interest for organizing the Regional over Labor Day Weekend. There was
interest at the meeting. We found there was not enough interest in getting
it organized. It was a good idea at the time.

Thank you -- Dale Green, Jim Olsen, Brandon Kowallis and Richard Downey

I apologize for my short-comings in not being able to do this with only a
few people. Next year here is what we will do: We will reduce and simplify.

o Start earlier. Discussion will start at the last Utah Grottos
Meeting in '07 or the first of '08.

o Decide where we want to go caving.

o Advertise. (Website) The location. Publish a list of area

o Register early for a guidebook and t-shirt. (At latest possible date
-guidebook and t-shirt registration is cut off.)

o Bring your own food and entertainment.

o Get together for a Friday night campfire - social.

o Meet early somewhere and go caving.

o Get back together for a Saturday -Sunday campfire.

o Sunday or Monday drive home.

This year - No Regional Activity. Let's criticize the situation. Start
Early. Offer to Help.

Jason Knight and Chuck Acklin