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03-29-2007, 06:18 AM
April 21-22 2007 - Great Basin National Park - Gandy, Utah
Location: Gandy, UT - Baker, NV
This is a beginner trip to Great Basin National Park and Gandy, Utah that is open for all to come caving. Great Basin located on the Utah Nevada border 90 miles west of Delta, aprox 200 miles from Orem.

We plan to visit Crystal Ball, Gandy and Beware on Saturday and for those that want to stay on sunday we will head to Great Basin to see Lehman Cave and Indian Burial. We plan to leave Saturday morning and return Sunday night.

All the roads, for the most part, can be driven with a car. If you bring a 4x4 then we can go see some cave gates in the area like Old Mans, etc (Time Permitting).


Crystal Ball: TOUR CAVE - COST $5.00 - This cave is the highlight of the area. It\\\'s a guided tour provided by the Bates family. The cave is warm with fantastic formations and other geological features. A camera is a must for this one.

Gandy: WILD TOUR CAVE - COST $2.00 - This is the second cave that is operated by the Bates family. Not a very big cave, but one of the most interesting in the area. Again, bring your camera.

Beware: Wild Cave - Bring your simsuit and waterproof light. The cave is about 50 feet of swimming into the spring. Very cool. We will probably camp at this cave.

Lehman - TOUR CAVE - COST Up to $10.00 depending on tour etc. Easy but bring a jacket.

Indian Burial - Wild Cave - There is a 40\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' entrance drop. This cave is limited to 6 people. Bring your vertical gear. I will need an RSVP for this cave, if you are interested.


SATURDAY: Meet 7:00 AM at the Payson park and ride. Southbound take the first Payson exit, turn right, then turn left. You will see it on the left. If you can\\\'t meet at that time or want to meet us in Gandy, let me know. If not I will plan to see you at the park and ride.

Robert Cranney (Trip Leader)
Rachael Keske (Co-Trip Leader)
Jason Boyle
Robert Conders
Richard Downey
Clair Call + 1 Friend
Charlie Peterson and Kids
Rob Stilmar

There are some twists and turns on this trip. I talked to the Bates and according to them the BLM may be stepping in to take over control of Crystal Ball and Gandy Caves. So as of right now, they are still allowed to take groups through, however they said that might change before our trip in April. They told me to call just before coming out. If we are unable to see those two caves then we will go out and see other caves in the area. (There are plenty). I will keep you updates if I hear anyting.
Trip Leader: Robert Cranney, nsscaver@gmail.com