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02-22-2007, 09:58 AM
My wife and I want to float some flat water sometime this summer. I've been a couple of guided expeditions down the Green and Colorado rivers, but it's been a long time. My Dad has an old (seriously old, possibly older than me) five man raft (read: 2 man, and a big ol' cooler of beer) that I can use.

So two questions:

1) Assuming that raft even holds air, is it worth using? As far as I know it's been storage for at least 15 years, so it may have disintegrated into nothing.

2) Where is a good place to go for newbies? I'm thinking maybe the flat water section between Green River and Moab, but really I'm quite clueless.

02-22-2007, 10:11 AM
You really want to blow up the raft and check for leaks in the backyard. I did the same thing with my friends raft just to find about 10 holes in it and about 50 bucks in material to fix it. It wasn't worth it to me and I just rented the gear from the UofU outdoor program.

Doing flat water in a raft is VERY VERY slow. The drag is a lot bigger than a kayak or a canoe. If it's only two of you guys going, I'd recommend doing it in a canoe. You can rent those anywhere, including REI and UofU rec program.

If you want to do something longer, like 2-3 nights trips, I strongly recommend the Labyrinth canyon on the Green. I think that's the stretch of the Green you mentioned? You can put in in Green River or at Ruby ranch (which I recommend). It's an awesome ride and a great introduction to river canoeing.

If you want picks: http://utahbp.com/labyrinth

Some whitewater canoeing can be done on the Green Daily stretch between Neferttiti and Swasey's rapids just north of Green River. It's a fun short ride that will introduce you to some whitewater canoeing (rapids are at most lvl 3).

02-22-2007, 02:59 PM
Hmm...I hadn't even thought about a canoe. That's a possibility.

I was just looking over the information on the Labyrinth Canyon, and it may be too long of a trip. I think we would prefer a 1-2 float for our first trip out. I also hadn't considered the issue of drinking water. For two people on a short trip it shouldn't be too bad, but any longer than that and you have a logistics issue.

I should go pick up some rafting books.

02-22-2007, 03:08 PM
Not really, you need about a gallon of water per person on a trip like that. Also it's very easy to filter more, there are a lot of streams around. But canoe can take a lot of weight really. You will have no problem fitting a cooler in there with all them beers! :2thumbs:

02-25-2007, 05:56 PM
You may also consider Ruby-Horsethief, on the Colorado River near the Utah State line. It's about 30 miles and can easily be done in two days (one night on the river). Good introduction to an overnight canoe trip. If you want to do a day trip, think about the Colorado River upstream from Moab. You can go to Sandy Beach and float down from there, about 10 miles to the bridge at Moab. Canoes are very tippy and you may want to consider a reservoir test before going on moving water.

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Scout Master
02-25-2007, 06:52 PM
There is an Outfitter in Moab that for around 40 buck you can rent a canoe for 4 or 8 hour day trip That includes a ride back to the resort. They also offer dinner after the trip for an additional fee. Logistically it is worth the $$