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02-20-2007, 10:01 AM
Here's the access requirements for Nutty Putty, Silly Putty, Rabbit Trap and Blowhole


Access Requirements & Access Request Forms
for SILTA Owned Caves
Nutty Putty Cave Gate
Blowhole Cave Gate
Silly Putty Cave Gate
Rabbit Trap Cave Gate

On April 14, 2006, the Utah State Trust Lands granted the Timpanogos Grotto the right to manage the access to Nutty Putty Cave, Blowhole, Silly Putty, and Rabbit Trap Caves to improve the overall safety. On May 24, 2006, Nutty Putty was the last of these four cave gates to be completed. The Timpanogos Grotto limits access to those who agree to abide by the following regulations. The long-term goal of management agreement is to avoid future accidents that would eventually lead to the total closure of the cave.

The "Nutty Putty Cave Concerns and Efforts" website outlines the growing problems and the Timpanogos Grottos past actions.

Access Requirements

Organizations that manage their own group's access may add additional requirements; however, all groups must follow these access requirements. Leaders of the groups are responsible for checking their organization's most recent policies, regulations, and standards. Groups from established organizations must prove that their group adheres to its organization's most recent policies, regulations, and standards before being granted access. All Scout groups are required to have an approved tour permit. Anyone in Nutty Putty Cave, Blowhole Cave, Silly Putty Cave, Rabbit Trap Cave, or any other nearby SITLA-owned caves who is found not complying with these access requirements may lose their access privileges and/or be cited for trespassing.

1. Access to all caves must be limited to the hours of 7 am to 11 pm. Special permission is needed to access or be in the caves after these hours. Vehicles should not drive or park within approximately 100 yards of any cave entrance.

2. All groups must adhere to the two-deep leadership policy of having two registered adult leaders.

a. The leaders must be 21 or older.

b. The leaders must be constantly present with the group.

c. One of the leaders must be an experienced caver that is able to overcome all of the obstacles countered on their visit.

d. The leaders must realistically evaluate their group's ability in planning and during the cave trip. They must never attempt to lead their group into a situation that is beyond capability of any member of the group.

e. Leader must inquire to each participant that no medical conditions exist that may compromise the participant's safety.

f. The leader is responsible in enforcing that no illegal drugs or substance use will be used on trip.

g. The leaders must be qualified, able, and willing to handle all problems that might arise.

h. The leaders must have adequate first-aid training and ability. They must have comprehensive knowledge of the practices to follow in the event of an accident.

i. The leaders must thoroughly comprehend that overwhelming difficulties may easily result from the problems of fatigue, improper or faulty equipment, emotional problems, physical limitations, or excessive eagerness or exuberance in members of the group. Additionally, they must realize that all of these individual problems are often interrelated and that the occurrence of any one of them can easily create a situation that will lead to or accentuate any or all of the others.

j. Leaders must be responsible and willing to terminate a trip if any of the trip requirements are not met, such as, but not limited to, inadequate equipment, inadequately trained participants, or improper hazardous behaviors.

3. All participants must be 14 years of age and older.

4. All groups will be limited to 10 persons (including the two trip leaders).More than one group is permitted in the cave at a time; however, each group should be organized to function independently by having each group with two qualified leaders as defined above.

5. The group must be together at all times.

6. Groups from established organizations must prove that their group adheres to its organization's most recent policies, regulations, and standards. BSA requires all Scout groups to have an approved tour permit to show their groups are successfully adhering to their set standards. (Venturing Ranger Cave Exploring Elective Requirements, Guide to Safe Caving (including a section on caving), NSS Guide: Cave Exploring By Scout And Explorer Groups)

7. Every participant in a caving trip must agree, without reservation, to follow all of the specific safety guidelines of their sponsoring organization. Not only the leaders, but every person on a cave trip should be aware of the necessity to constantly observe the whereabouts and potential problems of other members of the group and be ready to provide any assistance necessary.

8. Natural and fabricated hazards such as slippery slopes, loose rocks, pits, cold water, complex routes, old ropes, and the possibility of entrance flooding are all dangers to some degree and must be approached with care and judgment. If an accident still occurs in spite of preventive measures, that area must be avoided entirely. Hazards must be immediately reported to the permitting representative.

9. The groups will have proper equipment and dress for caving. All participants are required to have a helmet, helmet-mounted light, extra dependable light sources, proper boots, and clothing for each member of the group. A first-aid kit and a short 15-ft hand line are strongly recommended for each group,

10. Recreational use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Suspected use of drugs or under-aged drinking will be reported immediately to local authorities. Smoking or any tobacco use in the caves is also prohibited.

11. All cavers entering vertical caves (Blowhole, Rabbit Trap) must have their own vertical caving gear and have proof of successfully learned descending and ascending caving techniques.

12. Specific information about the caving trip must be left with a responsible person back home at time of departure. This should include location and length of time of trip, expected time of return, list of participants, and whom to contact for each trip member in case of emergency. The group is highly recommended to have, but not rely on, a cell phone in case of emergency.

13. Any group wishing to learn about cave rescue (other than self-rescue techniques) or pursue that activity as a specialty must do so under the sponsorship and supervision of either the Utah Cave Search & Rescue or Utah County Search & Rescue.

14. All caving participants must understand the access requirements and note their agreement to follow them by signing the Cave Permit.

To request access, download the Access Request Form. Fill out all of the necessary information and sign as your agreement to comply with the Access Requirements. Then submit the Access Request Form either by FAX to (435) 654-3989, email (with signatures) to madmanepps@msn.com, or mail to Justin Epps; PO Box 817; Heber City, UT 84032. If you are a Scout group, you will need to also submit a copy of the Scouting Trip Permit. I may call or email you with additional questions or concerns. When approved, I will email you the combination to the gate. Please allow up to a week to ensure that your permit will be approved before your planned trip date. Please check back as this process will surely evolve.

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Here's some more interesting information on Nutty Putty

The number of visits a year surprised me!

In addition to the surface register, an electronic counter was placed near the entrance of the cave to accurately count the times of visitation. In this way, visitation is recorded in 15 minute intervals. The purpose is to study the percentage and hours of total visitation to establish the interest in the resource and the need for action. The method has shown that the cave is occupied 13.8% of the total time and estimates 4,909 visits/year!