View Full Version : Another new revolver for me...

donny h
12-15-2006, 03:45 PM
I am on a roll boys, I've bought six guns in a year, the latest is a Taurus .22lr 9-shot revolver.

A nice, solid little chunk of steel.

This is the only .22lr swing-out cylinder, small frame, steel revolver you can buy these days, with a capacity above six.

I don't like the Ruger Single Six because you must load and unload one round at a time.

S&W only offers aluminum in the small frame .22s, they do have a steel 10-shot .22 but it's on a larger frame (model 617), and is really heavy, and it's absurdly expensive, over $500.

H&R offers a steel .22, but it's a break-open type, not a swing-out.

Taurus had a bad rap back in da' day, but they seem to have come a long way, fit and finish on this one is very nice, I haven't shot it yet.