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04-06-2006, 05:11 PM
You can also use these directions along with the Gooseberry Mesa (http://uutah.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2211) Google Earth instructions, since the two trails are so close.

There are two paths to JEM, depending on whether or not you are coming back from Gooseberry Mesa, or just straight from Hurricane. I've designed these directions to "drive" you along the highway using Google Earth location tools.

The North Access (Zion Ntl Park)


If you are coming from Zion, this will be the quickest route. Although, I will post both methods as if coming through Hurricane.

1. GE Hurricane (http://uutah.com/forum/files/hurricane.kmz) You will come through Hurricane from I-15, either via Hwy 17 or Hwy 9. Either way, you will come to this turnoff in step 2...

2. GE Hwy 17 and 9 meet. (http://uutah.com/forum/download.php?id=4648) Hwy 17 coming south will end as it meets up with Hwy 9 from the North. Hwy 9 will take a 90 degree turn to the East.

3. GE Hwy 9 JEM turnoff (http://uutah.com/forum/download.php?id=4644) Staying on Hwy 9 as it heads East, you will come to this turnoff to the South. Turn on to the dirt road, and cross the bridge over the Virgin River.

4. GE JEM Trail Parking lot (http://uutah.com/forum/download.php?id=4645) Just after the bridge, take your first right. 200 yds later, you will come to the parking lot loop. You can either park here and bike up the road to where the single track begins (@4 miles) or you can do the shuttle thing.

5. GE JEM Trail Singletrack Begins (http://uutah.com/forum/download.php?id=4646) You can bike up to this point, or drive up to it and park for a shuttle. Either way, you're going back to the main dirt road you just turned from.

The South Access


This is a shorter distance coming straight from Hurricane, or even if you are coming back from Gooseberry Mesa for some quick downhill.

1. GE Hurricane (http://uutah.com/forum/files/hurricane.kmz) Again, starting at Hurricane.

2. GE Hwy 59 beginning (http://uutah.com/forum/files/hwy_59_start.kmz) Instead of staying on Hwy 9, you will want to get on Hwy 59, just like in the "easier" instructions for Gooseberry Mesa.

3. GE South JEM turnoff (http://uutah.com/forum/download.php?id=4647) Before you come upon the Western point of G-berry, there will be a dirt road turnoff on your left, going North. Take it.

4. GE JEM Trail Singletrack Begins (http://uutah.com/forum/download.php?id=4646) The beginning of the singletrack begins just after turning on the dirt road, to the west. You can either park here, or down at the bottom, or both for the shuttle thang.

04-07-2006, 05:13 PM
Once again, you be DA MAN sombeech! Thanks a lot! :2thumbs: