View Full Version : Two slides in two days that caught folks

01-02-2006, 02:02 AM
I was just checking in at the CAIC site to plan for my Teus snowshoe trip and found that we had a slide just north of Rocky Mountain Nat. Park yesterday. details here:


And there was the one that's still making the CNN hourly loop near Provo.


Looks like the early season snowpack is even less stable than normal this year. Colorado is already at 4 deaths for the season. Don't know where Utah is but it's up by one on 12/31. :gloom:

Take the time to check the forcast and if it don't look good call it folks. The nice thing about the mountain is that it will be there another day. If it ain't, you got bigger worries than missing a day!

Lets see who has gear for backcountry travel. I'll post a poll and let's open it up for comment/discussion on backcountry snow safety. There's been a great thread going here and on canyoneer/yahoo about snakebites, let's get our heads in the winter survival game.


01-02-2006, 11:18 AM
Utah had three seperate slides yesterday involving victims. At least one known death, proabaly won't be able to retreive the body until spring because of danger to SAR.

Some info here

Some info here on the death

Be careful out there, know before you go :blahblah: