View Full Version : Trip Report American Fork Twin Peaks (Salt Lake County)

09-19-2005, 11:57 AM
Cool TR! Thanks for the info. Speaking of high points, I've been eyeing Twin Peaks lately. Have you done that one? Any advice?

Shouldn't this be in the High Peaking Section?

Are you talking about the AF twins? I assume you are since you said high points. I did it back in 2001. We came up from white pine drainage, not a route I would recommend unless you want to spend a night in the upper parts of white pine.

For the best backcountry route rally your 4X4 or quad up Mary Ellen gulch in upper American Fork canyon. Or if you don't have the means or will to off road (it

09-19-2005, 04:10 PM
I had family that had a time share at Snowbird about 10 years ago, so we would go up and hike around with them. One of the times that we went up, we took the tram and then just followed the ridgeline all the way to the top of the Twin Peaks. As I remember there was some exposure, but it was really pretty easy, I don't remember getting very winded at all. If anyone has been up Nebo coming from the North, there is some exposure there, and it reminded me of hiking Twins. Yeah I don't remember a whole lot of detail just that it was fun, and pretty and didn't take all that long. Another note though, if you are afraid of heights or didn't want to deal with the exposure (on both sides at the same time in places) you could take the Road to Provo cat track from the top of the Peruvian Lift and then if I remember right there was even a faint trail or pretty easy route up to the ridgeline, and that way you could avoid all the exposure.