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crazy horse
05-23-2005, 02:04 PM
So, i'm just starting to get gear for backpacking and i've already got some trips planned for the summer, i was just wondering what you guys use or recommend. Tents, packs, sleeping bag, just anything

05-23-2005, 06:28 PM
I've got a Jansport back pack. Yeah, it's a little trendy, but it was at a good price.
Everybody says "go light", and that's good, but if you're in superior shape like me, you can pack as heavy as you want. :lol8:
Ba dump psshhhhh! But seriously folks... I haven't been into backpacking only a couple of years now. You can find some really cheap stuff at Wal-Mart that ends up working like a charm.
It's usually the really expensive stuff that ends up saving you just a couple of pounds on your back. I've just got a cheap butane stove and mess kit from Wal-Mart, and when they wear out, I'm going back there. Sometimes you can't beat Wal-Mart.

05-25-2005, 01:24 PM
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07-21-2005, 07:39 PM
just picked up a Mountainsmith "wisp" backpacking sleeping bag for $150 at Sportsmans. It was long enough for me, and I am 6'9", so i am sure it will fit anyone else nicely, even if you don't need the extra length. Bag weight is about a pound and a half, and compresses to about football size. Got mine on closeout, so you might have to call around to find one.

Other items i recommend for backpacking (I prefer to go ultralight, so if you are a "comfort packer, these may or may not be your thing)

JetBoil stove/pot combo. Stove attaches to the bottom of the cup/pot, whole unit weighs maybe a pound with the fuel, stove and pot, if that. Boils water faster than anything else i've used, 2.5 minutes at 4500' elev.

I use a hammock (i forget the brand) but it is blue, and i got it at Parks Sportsman in Orem. I think it cost about $20, and is a heck of a lot lighter and more comfortable than a tent and sleeping pad. When it rains, i hang a tarp on a rope, and hope the trees help me out. Cons: YOu have to have trees to use this, and there aren't many over 11,000 feet or so, and almost none over 12.

MSR MiOx water purification system. One of the most expensive items i've seen, pound for pound, but very handy. Looks like a large red pen. you treat a small amount of salinated water with electricity and this kills any organisms in a specified quantity of water. You can literally drink sewer water wiht this thing. Still won't taste very good, but it won't make you sick, since the solution kills anything living in the water. This one goes for about $130 - justify this one to the wife by telling her it's for your emergency storage supply. Or something.

Anyway, there a couple cents from me on that. This is a passion of mine, although I don't get out nearly as much as i would like. WHen i do go, i hate carrying more than i need to, and there is a certain satisfaction for me in getting the job done with as little as possible. And I am just a little nuts, perhaps. :eek2: