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01-03-2005, 12:05 PM
Rockgremlin and I stayed in St. George on Thursday & Friday night. We decided to head to Snow Canyon to check out the lava caves and see if we could find any good hiking areas. It is a fun little canyon to explore if you have a half-day or so to kill. We mostly stayed on the marked trails and hit all of the tourist stops. I hadn

01-03-2005, 12:21 PM
Good times!!

Snow Canyon was a perfect little half-day activity for the winter months, but I wouldn't plan a weekend out for it (too small). Unless of course, you're a climber - there's a heckuva lot of bolted climbing routes in Snow Canyon.

01-03-2005, 03:06 PM
Looks like a cool little slot canyon right there in Snow Canyon. I've been down there a couple of times, but must have missed that one.

Rented mule
02-17-2008, 10:38 PM
Winter Quarters petros- hike to the base of white rock's trail and get permission to leave the trail from the park. From there, you will hike close to the white rocks but get permission to hike in the very winding, sandy wash only. This way, the park will not have any problem with
soil stepping or going off the trail. After about 45 minutes, you will see along the white rocks, a huge pouroff. Hike to the pouroff. On the bottom of this white rock pouroff, you will be at the petroglyphs. A small panel along the right side. There is usually a small pond in winter and wet weather at the base of the pouroff. There are some interesting alcoves right above the panel, as well. Please get permission to visit these treasures in the park from the rangers. I make sure they understand that I will keep in the wash. That way, I will not accidentally stomp a rogue seed into the soil and create an unwanted tumbleweed or some such thing. Years ago, Snow's Canyon was wide open. However,
with all the doubling, tripling and quadroupling of the Washington County population, the park is so paranoid and they are extremists when it comes to preservation. THey have a naturalist on staff. They have fenced off every little soil erosion area alongside the roadway with chicken wire and placed little jagged rocks to keep you from even pulling out. Designated trails must be adhered to. No scrambling in the campground area. Really watch your speed. They close the Johnson's arch trail in late spring because the pigmy owl can't find water if disturbed.
Well, they could surely drink til their guzzler busted on the NEW freakin golf course overlooking the park; and feed on the animals that wander across the evening lawns there. I am encouraged to scramble in Goblin Valley and forbidden in Snow Canyon. I won't go there very often. Only to show guests who are from back east who want to see the park.

Like above mentioned, not much there to do for a multi day thing.
I am sad... Just mentioning the petros in the winter quarter's area may put them in jeopardy. HOwever, if they who admitted that it is in a remote area of the park would gett off their haunches and stop looking for speed violators in the short, wee little park and actually
RANGE like Ed Abby said they are supposed to, then they could even give guided hikes to these treasures that they keep secret and off limits
in OUR park! rant over.....where's the TYlenol.....