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  1. Senate passes bill blocking public access to many government records
  2. Senate approves bill allowing guns around schools
  3. a conservative willing to say it
  4. New Military Trials at Guantanamo
  5. News in times of buget cuts, cut things that make money
  6. Let's not get too wigged out about the NPR executive's stupidity.
  7. Wis. GOP strips public workers' bargaining rights
  8. In other critical legislative matters...
  9. The Entire State of Maine Gets A Waiver On ObamaCare
  10. News Utah's village idiot announces retirement
  11. What Planned Parenthood does
  12. Must See Chart: Tax Breaks for the Rich Versus Budget Cuts
  13. 11 year old rape victim is to blame
  14. Mormon Politicians From Utah Feel Tea Party Heat
  15. Comparison: Small business in the US vs. 21 rich democracies
  16. Top Florida Lawmaker Resurrects Creationism Bill
  17. Obama's War
  18. Missing Thread?
  19. US foreclosures
  20. Your America isn't the only one, Mr. Huckabee
  21. Should Liberals Admit That We Won the War in Iraq?
  22. Does the Universe Need God?
  23. estate tax impact on farms & small businesses
  24. Dear IRS
  25. News Man Fired from LDS Church For Refusing to Give Up Gay Friends
  26. Sex outside marriage should be illegal (says alaska gov. appointee)
  27. Biden's staff lock journalist in a closet for hours during a fundraiser to stop
  28. For JP - Libya vs. Iraq
  29. Ron Paul returns unused portion of budget to treasury.
  30. The Birther Primary
  31. Pat Condell - truth?
  32. On Serbia, Rand Paul needs to hit the history books.
  33. Obama enters the race
  34. The Path to Prosperity: America's two futures, visualized
  35. U of U President urges LDS to join ACLU
  36. Of 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
  37. Gov Shutdown (Was Neon, Ringtail, Baker)
  38. Economic Jeopardy
  39. What Would Reagan Do?
  40. Obama's Speech
  41. It Gets Better: Apple Employees
  42. Arizona gov. vetoes presidential 'birther' bill
  43. Funniest vid Eva!
  44. Senate 510 passes. It's now illegal to sell, trade, buy any homegrown food.
  45. WikiLeaks docs prove Saddam had WMD
  46. Questions For the Mormons on Temple Sealings
  47. Don
  48. Ron Paul Steps Toward Third Presidential Race
  49. Can I get an A-sexual judge please
  50. Trump 'So Proud,' 'So Honored' Obama Released Birth Certificate
  51. Artist yanks prints from
  52. Obama Slays the Donald
  53. 8:35PM MST: Fox News Reporting that Osama Bin Laden is dead
  54. News Bin Laden is dead?
  55. Ron Paul on NPR
  56. Obama Delivers (pic)
  57. Pakistan Craigslist
  58. Should photos of Osama be released?
  59. Obama embracing his inner Dubya
  60. Who ordered OBL killed?
  61. Alas, living is not effective.
  62. Drill Here, Drill Now...Wont lower gas prices
  63. News Huntsman says his Mormon church membership is 'tough to define'
  64. Budget Mix-Up Provides Nation's Schools With Enough Money To Educate Students
  65. Stephen Hawking: 'There is no heaven; it's a fairy story'
  66. US Debt Clock
  67. Michigan man still on food stamps despite winning $2M
  68. Should a San Francisco measure to ban circumcision on males under 18 pass?
  69. Fantasy Island: Are Republicans losing their grip on reality?
  70. Rapture Failure Lawsuit?
  71. Rand Paul's Noble Defeat on the Patriot Act
  72. The Last Nail - Ron Paul's Floor Speech May 25 2011
  73. Full civic literacy Exam
  74. News (fail) the truth behind the American Revolution
  75. Jon Stewart
  76. Pelosi pushes to probe Weiner
  77. Protesters disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony
  78. Happy 10th Birthday, Bush Tax Cuts!
  79. interview with Daniel ellsberg on the pentagon papers and current affairs
  80. From the Desk of Donald Trump
  81. Social Security overpays $6.5 Billion in one year
  82. Socialism Ruining Your Vacation?
  83. Weiner's Package
  84. Is Weinergate Coming To A Climactic End
  85. Support Republican Values
  86. Love Those Canadians
  87. Bachmann: I support intelligent design
  88. ANONYMOUS declares war on the system
  89. Buy,Buy American Pie
  90. Dan Carlin anyone?
  91. Gay Bells in Bondage
  92. Political Knife Fight
  93. Does Health Coverage Make People Healthier?
  94. The Great Recession, Part II
  95. She won't shut up about sex and church
  96. Ron Paul to retire
  97. News Time to end Trickle Down?
  98. Examined Effects of Penis Size in Gay Community
  99. Infographic: Where America Spent All of Its Money
  100. Kirby: DeChristopher sentence may be unfair, but he earned it
  101. Is "swallowing hard" enough?
  102. Does this guy, "get it"?
  103. The Freedom to Call People "Terrorists"
  104. I Do Not Want Mercy, I Want You To Join Me
  105. Peaceful Anarcy Article
  106. broken in every possible way
  107. Stimulus thinking: Adventures in tea-party cognitive dissonance
  108. Republic
  109. So Quiet In Here Today
  110. China Launches air craft carrier
  111. where's waldo
  112. Debt Ceiling Analogy
  113. The Tea Party's Circular Logic
  114. Ron Paul being Ignored?
  115. Keynesian vs. Austrian
  116. interesting video!!
  117. Is it any wonder our government is a mess?
  118. Another GOP Candidate?
  119. Paul Ryan, Washington insider?
  120. George gets it! Wish more people did!
  121. Attention Governor Perry: Evolution is a fact
  122. The theological case for evolution
  123. Name for a Group of Baboons?
  124. He never conflated a flesh and blood sacrifice with a stone and mortar edifice.
  125. Smart Girls Wear Short Skirts, Too
  126. A Critique of Pure Gold
  127. (Phase Change)Ron Paul can win!
  128. Getting Away With Torture
  129. Massive Taxpayer-backed Solar Power Manufacturer goes Bankrupt
  130. The True Cost of 9/11
  131. Is Obama
  132. Republican Presidential Debate 9/7/2011
  133. Obama Jobs Speech
  134. Hoffa Threatens Tea Party
  135. Top Secret America
  136. Some frakked up stuff (that I think Spidey will agree with me on)
  137. The only jobs they think about are their own.
  138. How To Everything you need to know about Michelle Bachmann
  139. You Don't Deserve To Keep All Your Money
  140. A little inflation can be a dangerous thing
  141. Obama in Id
  142. Gays now serve openly in the military, and the world didn't end?
  143. Peter Schiff FULL Testimony Before Congress on Obama Jobs Bill 9/13/11
  144. News World of Class Warfare - The Poor's Free Ride Is Over - The Daily Show
  145. Steve Bridges as Obama
  146. U.S. makes deported immigrants take the long way home
  147. News From the Treasury Department- Actual spending from the last five Presidents.
  148. what defines fact from fiction ? and why don't we care more ?
  149. Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales
  150. Go Shopping and Stay scared
  151. The Douchebaggery of Bill O'Reilly Knows No Bounds
  152. The No-Dick Rule
  153. The Donkey Whisperer
  154. Obama Presidency by the Numbers
  155. Dear Kurt
  156. Marijuana... Safer Than Peanuts
  157. Happy 10th Birthday, Bush Tax Cuts!
  158. Occupy Wall Street Protests
  159. Why Small Businesses Aren't Innovative
  160. You Don't Deserve To Keep Your Private Land
  161. How Class Warfare Started
  162. Poor Getting Poorer, Rich Getting Richer
  163. Great Truths
  164. The Five Most Vapid Lines from Eric Cantor
  165. OWS: Occupy the No-Spin Zone
  166. Anonymous hacks Boston police in support of Occupy movement.
  167. Corporate Taxpayers & Corporate Tax Dodgers, 2008-2010
  168. Gays created by the Devil says US Catholic Church Policy Advisor
  169. Here comes the sun: Internalize the Externals
  170. Farewell Rick Perry
  171. Republical Presidential Debate Nov 9 2011 Rochester Michigan
  172. News 90 seconds of R. Paul
  173. US inflation eases in October
  174. Was Calif. police use of pepper spray justified?
  175. Judge Rakoff Rejects SEC's "Contrivances" In Citigroup Settlement
  176. News Inspiring One Percenter of the Day
  177. News Occupy K Street
  178. Perry Vows to End Obama's War on Religion
  179. Obama Wants To Lock People Up For Life, Even After Aquitted
  180. RIP Christopher Hitchens
  181. Practical Anarchy
  182. The Father/Daughter Conservative Talk
  183. The Post-Truth Campaign By PAUL KRUGMAN Published: December 22, 2011
  184. The Unending Legacy of Torture
  185. Republicans Try to Convert America Into Pottersville
  186. 2012 as 1937 Redux?
  187. What Is
  188. Did Reagan Raise Taxes? Let GOP Candidates Answer
  189. Epic Pwnage from Ron Paul
  190. A bold Liberal
  191. Will Romney Lie His Way to the White House?
  192. Obama Openly Asks Nation
  193. The Great Gitmo Blackout
  194. Vote The Food Stamp Fallacy
  195. America
  196. A History of Violence
  197. Is This Land Made for You and Me ?
  198. Why I'm Suing Barack Obama
  199. The Obama Economic Record
  200. Notice the difference?
  201. Newt Gingrich Says Affairs Make Him
  202. Paul Krugman: Taxes at the top
  203. Caption This
  204. How Science Works
  205. Jobs, Jobs and Cars
  206. The Secret of American Health Care
  207. Pipe, Baby, Pipe
  208. Ten Ways the War On Drugs is a Wild Success
  209. Recovery Winter Arrives With HUGE 243,000
  210. In God We Must Why - won
  211. Tom's New Badge
  212. Forced Taxation is immoral
  213. Earth to Rick Santorum
  214. Even Critics of Safety Net Depend on It Increasingly
  215. difficult budget questions
  216. Harvard and Princeton Clearly Discriminate Against Asian Applicants;
  217. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich All Promise To Ban Porn
  218. Pennies from heaven: How Mormon economics shape the G.O.P
  219. Sex, gender and Hollywood
  220. Why Patriarchal Men Are Utterly Petrified of Birth Control...
  221. What If We Treated Doctors The Way We Treat Teachers?
  222. Everything is illegal
  223. Hey There, Voter!
  224. News Mormon church disputes BYU prof's remarks about blacks
  225. War Question
  226. Breitbart Dies at 43
  227. Why We Fight: The Psychology Of Political Differences
  228. Gender Values
  229. Romney's Rhetoric
  230. Moms go Home!
  231. Due Process
  232. Ignorance Is Strength
  233. Flat Earth Society
  234. Krugman: Natural-born drillers
  235. Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness
  236. interesting read
  237. Stupid Voters Are People, Too
  238. What's Worse Than Paying Taxes?
  239. You Are Not the Speaker
  240. The Tax Repatriation Issue
  241. Paul Ryan Breaks New Ground In Tax Reform Vagueness
  242. Paul Ryan's Plan To Eliminate
  243. Clockwork: White House, Democrats Demonize and Distort Ryan Budget
  244. and as an example of loopholes added to the tax code...
  245. The Political Compass - where do Bogleyites fit on the grid?
  246. Punch Above Its Weight & Strongest Allies
  247. Voter ID