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  1. Change we can believe in ~ yeah baby!
  2. LDS Church sends aid to Palestinians in Gaza Strip
  3. Handgun ban?
  4. Gasp! Mormon church supports terrorists!!!!
  5. A Letter To The Obama Girls
  6. Racism?
  7. Funding Restored to Groups That Perform Abortions
  8. Why is Cheney in a wheelchair?
  9. New York Senate seat: Clinton replacement named
  10. No Comment on Chinese terrorism in Tibet?
  11. The Dark Bailout
  12. Fresh President
  13. The Chosen One cares deeply for our veterans.
  14. Israeli Soldier Killed in Gaza Border Bombing
  15. Stimulus Bill
  16. What's the Responsibilty of the Federal Government?
  17. Silicon Valley
  18. NO REFUND 4 U
  19. HR 45, a New look at gun control in this era of Change
  20. More Pressure for Bush Torture Probe
  21. Report: Teen blackmailed classmates via Facebook
  22. Are you in love with your polititian?
  23. Why are you such a Dick?
  24. In Applauding Single Motherhood, The Times Celebrates Its Ow
  25. You HAVE to love her
  26. Mormon's doctrine of self-reliance
  27. Poor Julio
  28. You HAVE to love him
  29. Stimulus highlights
  30. Obama is tired of your $#!t
  31. States Declaring Sovereignty
  32. Just a thought...
  33. Census overseen by the White House?
  34. Should DC Have Representation in the House?
  35. House of Cards
  36. Kids motorcycles and ATVs are now banned, dealer parts too.
  37. Not one Rep. has read the Stimulus Bill
  38. Not the Nigerians!!!
  39. Bye-Bye
  40. Rank the Presidents......
  41. Burris Appointment WAY tainted
  42. bash this
  43. Gay Marriage Thread Which has Been Beaten to Death
  44. Good-Bye Dubai
  45. Money more important than Human rights in Obama admin
  46. Sometimes Justice works
  47. Nigerians get Citibank too
  48. Obama's latest speech
  49. The Bailout Prize Patrol
  50. Byrd: Obama in power grab
  51. Be glad you don't live in Detroit
  52. Old Fashioned Values
  53. Bush Administration Memos Claimed Vast War Powers
  54. Libertarian ocean colonies?
  55. new website: [url]www.ourcourts.org[/url]
  56. OctoMom Irony
  57. Was bailing out GM a waste of money?
  58. Divided States of America
  59. London aghast at President Obama over gifts given to Prime
  60. Put yourself in their shoes.
  61. does she get it or not?
  62. Pam Geller talks
  63. Iraqi reporter who threw shoes gets three years in prison
  64. Celibrating Afganistan Day (day for the Mujahideen/Taliban)
  65. Interesting Data on Poverty in America.
  66. Interesting Data on Poverty in America.
  67. Check.....
  68. Bigger, Bigger
  69. Bi-Partisan Earmarks
  70. Cuomo to Investigate AIG Over Bonus Payments, Issue Subpoena
  71. Obama Team Adopts McCain's Optimism on Economy
  72. Iraqi footballer shot dead by fan before scoring
  73. Two Faced: Dodd Protected Bonuses, Now He Wants Them Out
  74. Glenn Beck: Where is AIG $$$ going?
  75. Ron Paul debates a Baldwin bro about Pot
  76. Here I Sit...
  77. Pelosi at it again
  78. Obama Drops Controversial Health Plan for Wounded Veterans
  79. Somebody has a clue!
  80. Dodd Admits Role in AIG Bonus Scandal
  81. Timothy Geithner: Staying or Going
  82. Have Honesty and Responsibility left the Building?
  83. Take this online civics quiz
  84. We The People Stimulus Package
  85. Trouble Brewing
  86. UBS predicts $2500 gold
  87. Bear Market Rallies
  88. Socialized Health Care
  89. Scientists find safer way to make human stem cells
  90. Signs of Stress, Fraud on Roadside
  91. Mr. Paynes says
  92. Freedom Tower Will Be Called One World Trade Center
  93. BREAKING: UPS Announces It Will Stop Advertising on O'Reilly
  94. PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During
  95. Congress Debates Elaborate Dance For Obama's Inauguration
  96. Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck?
  97. Big Brother?
  98. China's mobile death vans
  99. Obama to Detroit - "Tough shitsky"
  100. Coming to a Theater near you
  101. Karl Marx Quote
  102. Even the Banks are starting to walk!
  103. Beyond AIG: A bill to let Big Government set your salary
  104. Hundreds of French workers take bosses hostage
  105. Best Administration Officials Yet
  106. Tax Day Tea Party
  107. Is Obama skidding or crashing?
  108. "...only thing between you and the pitchforks.
  109. Only thing between you and the pitchforks, round 2
  110. Here's to You Mr. Jefferson
  111. Grounds for My Statements
  112. Ted Nugent
  113. Socialism Explained Through Grading
  114. Bush still struggling to explain eight-year gap on CV
  115. Reagan Quotes
  116. The Careful Exaggerator
  117. They watch Obamanation grow in unbridled power
  118. Blazing Saddles: Obama Edition
  119. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous
  120. Dylan Ratigan Interview
  121. Hey James Dobson! Don't let the door hit you in the ass!
  122. The Credit Crisis, explained
  123. Following the Constitution?
  124. Best President in the past 40 years???
  125. Obama's taxes
  126. Gun sales skyrocket
  127. About 90 per cent of weapons seized by Mexico ...
  128. DHS issued report on extremism despite concerns
  129. Gay Storm is a Comming & Scott Card, say what?
  130. Did Obama bow to Saudi King?
  131. Hillary Clinton Celebrates 4:20
  132. Elizabeth Warren on Tarp
  133. Humor - Don't read this if you have no sense of humor
  134. Why Right Wing Nut Job Rhetoric is dangerous to America
  135. Democrats on Escalator
  136. Gifted Speaker...
  137. Good Call
  138. The swine flu sidebar.
  139. Ralph Nader: No More Excuses [exerpt]
  140. Obama wants to cut $100M from budget
  141. Happy May Day
  142. Jon Stewart calls Truman a War Criminal
  143. First Supreme Court Change for Obama
  144. Privacy Rights
  145. It's just money!
  146. Obama and Illegal Aliens
  147. Ayn Rand for president!!
  148. Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago
  149. What's happening to Republicans in Utah? (from slate)
  150. Obama to Name Huntsman as Envoy to China
  151. Obama setting fuel standards
  152. Evolution
  153. Silvio Berlusconi
  154. Obama tightening credit card standards.
  155. Lost Vegas
  156. Millionaires Go Missing
  157. What to do about North Korea
  158. San Diego County officials shut down home Bible study
  159. Dick Cheney supports Gay Marriage/Obama is against it
  160. American capitalism gone with a whimper
  161. July 4th Tea Party (St. George)
  162. Who is Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?
  163. Facebook Humor
  164. Obama considering breaking a campaign promise
  165. Microsoft: Obama's tax plan may hurt U.S. jobs
  166. Millions Face Blank Screens in TV Switch
  167. Byrd doesn't like the Czar system either
  168. Swine flu is now a Pandemic!
  169. Government to limit the volume of commercials!
  170. Letterman Apology
  171. Workers to break ground on New Mexico spaceport
  172. Guvna? Where are you...
  173. Father Oprah
  174. looziana legislature reaches new low
  175. Hope is Here
  176. US Treasury to use Cash4Gold
  177. Winning one for whitie
  178. Fighting overseas discussion.
  179. Hey Dude, you take peso's?
  180. California's new money - IOU's
  181. Palin has left the house
  182. What does the rest of the world think of US?
  183. My day has just been ruined!
  184. Report: Bush program extended beyond wiretapping
  185. Doctor Visit - 2020 AD
  186. $200M / Yr to Honduras?
  187. No shit?
  188. No help from the GOP on heathcare reform
  189. Caller Reduces Glenn Beck To High-Pitched Hissy Fit
  190. Gays on the Plaza
  191. Gangster Government
  192. Finest ham on the planet!
  193. Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules - July 17 2009
  194. Bluffdale man shot while on neighborhood watch
  195. Paulson getting grilled, woot!
  196. So California Collapsing
  197. Americans walking away from their debts
  198. Mars Icecaps
  199. 5 Freedoms You'd Lose In Health Care Reform
  200. Obama's '47 Million Uninsured' Claim Is False
  201. The end of the recession?
  202. Blue Dogs Protest Healthcare Abortion 'Mandate'
  203. Obama Wants to Control the Banks...
  204. Glenn (mega-douche) Beck calles Obama a racist on TV.
  205. The economy free fall is over
  206. Obama = Business as usual
  207. Stupid Ass Birthers
  208. Obama vs Bush 20:1
  209. Cars.gov allows government to takeover your comp
  210. Population control???
  211. Read the Bill?
  212. Master Rebators
  213. Obama Administration Wants Citizens to Name Names of HealthC
  214. Programs to change gays to straights don't work, report says
  215. Chinese Teen Beaten to Death at Internet Addiction Camp
  216. I'm Ticked! No free car for me.
  217. President Barack Obama on Health Care Reform
  218. Man, What Is It With The Men Of The Cloth
  219. the character of glenn beck
  220. Health Care Reform - In the Interest of Fairness
  221. America...F** Yeah!
  222. Diplomacy - Hillary Clinton Style
  223. the realities of health care in the US
  224. Poll: Support for Dem Healthcare Plunging
  225. Obama's Healthcare Horror
  226. Tales from the Dark Side
  227. Five Myths About Drugs in America
  228. You Can
  229. Health Insurers Owe Policyholders, But Pay Congress Instead
  230. The U.S. Constitution could use a tune-up
  231. PETA's inhumane treatment of women!!!
  232. AP: Firms with Obama ties profit from health push
  233. town hall meetings
  234. That Looser Glen Beck
  235. Obama to offer Bernanke second term
  236. White House set for backlash on national debt
  237. A little good news
  238. ahhh ... utah
  239. War (parties) is hell
  240. Rep. Lynn Jenkins Laughs Off Uninsured Single Mother (VIDEO)
  241. it's pathetic that some are afraid to let their children
  242. The United States of Plutocracy
  243. Barack Obama's Stealth Socialism
  244. Health Care for every citizen in Iraq via US funding...
  245. Brave Man Walks Through Anti-Healthcare Crowd [PIC & VID
  246. Citi explores sale of government stake
  247. ohh fox ...
  248. Penn and Teller - Bullshit Vatican
  249. Gay Marriage "Debate" Tuesday at the U
  250. Politicos Corruptos