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  1. Why we are in Trouble?
  2. Obama and The Palin Effect
  3. Boy if this doesn't piss you off
  4. Election Day changes
  5. For all you Obamites
  6. Jay Leno moderates VP Debate
  7. Biden vs Palin - TEMPLATE
  8. Obama Factoids (Questions)
  9. Almost Free NOBAMA Bumper Stickers
  10. Explaining the financial crisis.....
  11. Scientists question terrorist-hunting techniques
  12. Shots during Tonight's Debate
  13. Why the government is bad with your money
  14. factoid check from faux news
  15. The danger of modern liberty
  16. ACORN
  17. Ralph Nader on CNN and O'Reilley Factor (Oct 8 2008)
  18. Nobama's pals.....
  19. More Obama Deceptions????
  20. Lawmaker's son must stay off computer...
  21. 'America Along'
  22. Missing all the fun
  23. The National Debt Clock Runs out of Digits
  24. Regulation and
  25. Obama and McCain's Spending Plan Estimates
  26. Anger over Guantanamo Bay ruling
  27. Amazing!!!
  28. Obama secretly tried to sway Iraqi government to ignore Bush
  29. If this is true, it will piss you off
  30. Do Facts Matter?
  31. Farrakhan on Obama: 'The Messiah is absolutely speaking'
  32. Liberal Europe
  33. Worst of Times~
  34. Jim Cramer on economy
  35. Obama on the war
  36. The Messiah
  37. an honest question
  38. I'm so glad the bailout worked
  39. Obamas Platform
  40. Greedy Amricans...
  41. LOL
  42. john mccain attempts to excite republican base
  43. The Governer Race
  44. Chicago may get "gay friendly" high school
  45. Uncanny Resemblance ~
  46. Obama = More of the Same:Obama and Bush are not so far apart
  47. The Political Ads
  48. Official Announcement: In Light of the 'Bailout'
  49. Former UT law grad sues Obama, questions citizenship
  50. W
  51. this is your nation on white privilege
  52. Tangent on Socialism
  53. Obama's 95% Illusion
  54. Obama campaign issued 'talking points' to media for debate
  55. Smaller Banks resisting cash infusion
  56. Good Morning Mr. President.
  57. Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch
  58. economic flashbacks (video)
  59. Chavez says "Comrade Bush" turns left in crisis
  60. Joe the Plumber
  61. A Liberal Supermajority
  62. Palin As President
  63. Hitchens endorses Obama
  64. mccain ... great humor at the alfred e smith dinner
  65. The True Barack Obama
  67. L.A. Times & Chicago Tribune Publically Endorse Obama
  68. Obama Rally Draws 100,000 in Missouri
  69. Powell endorses Obama
  70. Barack Obama: Rhetoric vs. Record
  71. Anybody Know Who This Is
  72. Hawaii ending universal child health care
  73. Return of the Fairness Doctrine
  74. Disposable or Reusable Diapers?
  75. Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Barack Obama
  76. 20/20 guide on the presidency/bailout
  77. McCain/Palin compared to Nazi's on Family Guy
  78. Sony recalls 'LittleBigplanet' over Koran passages
  79. The Political Spectrum Explained
  80. Star Wars for President
  81. Begging for another stimulus package?
  82. Joe Biden warns America will be tested
  83. 'Smears' About Obama Largely True
  84. lesser of 2 evils (again)
  85. Dem Chairman: 'There should be tax increases'...
  86. Classic Penn & Teller Type Interview, Stern Doing It
  87. Caribou Barbie has a $150k campaign wardrobe
  88. 'B' Carved into women's face
  89. I think I am done with the polls
  90. oops
  91. I'm voting Democrat
  92. Happy Halloween
  93. Shocking Obama Posters
  94. red states / blue states
  95. A Change of Party
  96. Why I'm Voting for John McCain
  97. Obama Refuses to Answer Birth Certificate Lawsuit
  98. Obama campaign cuts off WFTV after interview
  99. The Choice 2008
  100. How much did your 401K/retirement funds lose this month?
  101. Politicians want free haircuts?
  102. Palin Strippers
  103. Obama and McCain - Dance Off!
  104. Obama assasination thwarted
  105. Bagging on your Candidate!
  106. Palin is a Diva
  107. Obama Tries to Close the Deal in Pittsburgh
  108. 2001 Interview With Obama On Socialism
  109. The Worst President in American History
  110. Woman buys home for complete stranger
  111. Obama/Khalidi
  112. McCain / Abortionist- Pedophile-Nazis-KKK-Barbra-Streisand
  113. McCain wins because of ONE Bogley members lack of vote.
  114. Hypocritical?
  115. Biden Blows Fuzzy Math
  116. conservatives on palin
  117. Win or Lose, Many See Palin as Future of Party
  118. Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
  119. George Will: The Constitution, it's a pesky thing
  120. Obama on McCain on Obama
  121. Anyone Watch Obama's 30 Min Ad?
  122. "humiliate Bush and his party"
  123. The Economist Endorses Barack Obama
  124. Wealth Redistribution Question
  125. 59% Say Palin is unprepared to be Vice President
  126. Obsession
  127. A good idea from the "blue States"
  128. One for Deathcricket...
  129. Palin on the First Amendment
  130. Hustlers Nalin Palin
  131. What has Obama really done?
  132. Disturbing trend in MT
  133. Obama the "Chicken Shit"
  134. Just call him Sen. Government
  135. Obama vs. McCain
  136. The case against Barack Obama - Larry Elder
  137. In defense of 'the rich'
  138. How can a 'fellow black American' oppose Obama?
  139. If Obama get elected, the world will end. Jihaad!
  141. Scariest Obama idea yet!
  142. More on Obamas Racism
  143. Democrats stars align
  144. The threads of RedMan -- creating a tapestry of horse crap
  145. Joe Biden says the N word off camera
  146. God loves the atheist.
  147. don't y'all have anything better to do?
  148. Obama landslide!!
  149. Nolan chart of Obama and McCain
  150. what's the difference between...
  151. lunatic fringe
  152. Presidential Election Results- Obama Wins
  154. Don't wait for him to screw up
  155. Only Nader Is Right on the Issues
  156. McCain shines
  157. past elections
  158. Some Happy Democrats
  159. A Vote For STEFAN is a Vote For CHANGE
  160. Prop 8 Passes in California
  161. When you're contemplating suicide: Think Washington
  162. How did you vote?
  163. JibJab Campaigning!
  164. Smack Down (or "lol christians")
  165. Flag burning on election night
  166. Watch the news
  167. Obama Economics
  168. The Pissed-Off Gay Parade
  169. Election Maps
  170. Utah County looking at 10 percent tax hike
  171. LOL Gays - origin
  172. Gay marriage poll
  173. Get Your War On: New World Order
  174. ATF
  175. Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact
  176. Moved content to main thread
  177. If not redistribution, then what?
  178. Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship
  179. Marines Suspected in Sergeant's Slaying
  180. SHORT VIDEO: political advertising
  181. Commentary: GOP should ask why U.S. is on the wrong track
  182. Scary racism
  183. Peaceful Gay Protests
  184. Gulf War illness is real, new federal report says
  185. Debt is now $516K per household.
  186. Ted Stevens loses Alaska Senate race
  187. AOL PM awards.
  188. LDS Tax Exempt Status
  189. Let Detroit Go Bankrupt
  190. Obama Natural Born Citizenship issue to go before the SCOTUS
  191. Pocket Constitutions
  192. It's a shame she won't be V.P.
  193. New Car Coming
  194. Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are
  195. Ethics poll
  196. Listen to this story
  197. Big Gay Poll
  198. New Argument.
  199. Hillary to head State: Is it constitutional?
  200. Uncle Jay Explains Congressional Recess
  201. Deathcrickets Mule Poll
  202. Big Fro Poll
  203. FW: Nature
  204. New Movie
  205. Senate Dems Won't Reach 60
  206. Obama Worries Liberals
  207. More bailout bullsh!t
  208. Swat Team raids local food co-op in Ohio
  209. Illinois Gov arrested - Selling Obamas Senate Seat
  210. Using the Bible to Defend Gay Marriage
  211. NOT a gay marriage thread
  212. Dear Senator,
  213. Thomas Jefferson Quotes
  214. The next 4 years
  215. Jerry Brown asks California Supreme Court to void gay-marria
  216. More Californians sign up for public assistance
  217. Ballot Madness: Tipping the Scales in Minnesota's Senate Rec
  218. Katrina's Hidden Race War
  219. World full of Hatred Violence, and Bigotry
  220. Is this wrong?
  221. Uncle Jay's Year End Review
  222. Finally, a shooting I can agree with.
  223. Good News for the Economy
  224. Letter from a Christian in 2012
  225. Food Fight!!!!
  226. Matheson Give Pay Raise to Charity
  227. Chrysler spending our money responsibly
  228. Really sad story
  229. Army Recruiter Suicides Prompt Investigations
  230. Milton Friedman on Limited Government
  231. Kelsey Outs Self as Anti-Semitic Lunatic
  232. The End Times (ny)
  233. Atheists send their own message, on 800 buses
  234. Better Know a District - Utah's 3rd (part 2)
  235. Joe the plumber headed to Middle East
  236. New cigarette tax in Utah?
  237. Porn Industry Seeking Bailout
  238. No comments on the Israeli terrorism in Gaza?
  239. This is one corrupt man
  240. Bush's Greatest Accomplishment
  241. The Georgia Guidestones (aka American Stonehenge)
  242. I Guess I'm a Republican
  243. New POTUS
  244. Who will be watching
  245. Who will prosecute Bush & Cheney
  246. It's a great historic day
  247. Remembering Bush's accomplishments
  248. What did Bush say to Obama?
  249. Well, Here We Go...
  250. the most racist pres. ever