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  1. Officer charged with demanding sex for green card
  2. Utah's system is outdated
  3. News of the weak
  4. the president is happy
  5. Political (?) Poetry
  6. US court at odds with Bush view of powers
  7. MLK on Vietnam war
  8. Erotic Jesus - The Last Supper
  9. McCain - What'dya think?
  10. Obama speaks
  11. Hilarious story about us trying to please Mexican farmers
  12. The Proper Role of Government
  13. Disturbed video
  14. Bush's War
  15. challenge your views on health care
  16. 5000 Year Leap
  17. Alicia Keys goes completely insane
  18. Abraham Lincoln on "The Rich"
  19. WOFF Quotes
  20. The Empire Strikes Barrak - VIDEO
  21. Dear Mr. or Miss Government:
  22. bush meeting with LDS leaders
  23. Lincoln for President
  24. Osama
  25. 100,000 Americans Petition Congress to Drill for Oil Now
  26. Deaths in Iraq plunge
  27. Your button is in my button
  28. I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United
  29. Just Call It 'Cap-and-Tax'
  30. GOP "blocks" tax on oil companies
  31. Iraq, perceived hypocrisy fuel record anti-Americanism:
  32. FCC May Begin to Have Regulatory Power Over Internet
  33. the irony
  34. Ontheissues.org
  35. Ahkmed
  36. Guant
  37. Earmark Spending Makes a Comeback
  38. By Its Very Definition, Racism
  39. US Gas : So cheap it hurts
  40. Bumper sticker
  41. Who would win today?
  42. Obama Refuses To Salute "Old Glory"
  43. Flying without an ID is coming to a controversial end
  44. Dems Challenge Bush on Executive Ban on Offshore Drilling
  46. Change
  47. Obama doesn't know how many states there are?
  48. Supreme Court says Americans have right to guns
  49. How Long Do We Have?
  50. This is nonviolent revolution.
  51. McCain's Running Mate
  52. Supreme Court Cuts Exxon Valdez Settlement by 80 percent.
  53. ANWR
  54. Report: U.S. 'preparing the battlefield' in Iran
  55. Iraq's oil fields open to bidders
  56. Florida Executes Schwab
  57. It's Happening Again
  58. Gay Marriage
  59. The Loss of Independence
  60. Utah is going to a 4-day workweek to save energy
  61. South Carolina plans license plate for Christians
  62. Cuba to abandon salary equality
  63. What A Difference
  64. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  65. Oil company rips us off
  66. What if jesse jackson were don imus?
  67. Nader to Limbaugh: Get Off Welfare
  68. Pat Buchanan: No More Blank Checks for War
  69. Interesting read and perspective
  70. Is Obama In A No Win Situation
  71. Funny Obama Joke I heard
  72. Have Your Yellowcake and Eat It Too
  73. Funny McCain joke I heard
  74. Modern Liberalism Explained
  75. Self serving hypocrite...
  76. President Bush is a complete failure
  77. Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate
  78. Homeowner fires shots after mistaking boy for intruder
  79. Fair Reporting?
  80. Their Fair Share
  81. Obama still won't credit the surge in Iraq
  83. Church shooting suspect angry over job search, police say
  84. CO2 Scrubber?
  85. Gay Marriage News: Amendment lawsuit & MA=Gay Vegas
  86. Still think that Gas is high because of oil profits?
  87. Two Liberal Justices Seem Most Likely to Leave Supreme Court
  88. Another thorn in KGB's crown
  89. 64th Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising
  90. Congress Breaks Without Dealing With Energy Issues
  91. McCain Ads
  92. Obama Flips On Drilling
  93. Alexander Solzhenitsyn passed away ~
  94. Obama and McCain spiritual farce off ~
  95. Pelosi: At-risk Dems back drilling
  96. Barack Cartoon
  97. Marines light up civilians?
  98. Clinton Not Done Yet?
  99. Obama
  100. Obama
  101. No love for Obama on Bogley?
  102. What do you do with a terrorist?
  103. Edwards' political future in doubt after admitting affair
  104. Car & Driver Responds to Obama's Claim
  105. Random health services
  106. Treasure Valley will lose bone-marrow donor registry
  107. Obama's Call to Check Tire Pressure Falls Flat
  108. Return of Fairness Doctrine Could Control Web Content
  109. Reason enough.....
  110. Tennessee Teen Fights For Right to Wear Confederate Flag
  111. Hillary busy planning HER convention...
  112. Man fined for carrying gobstopper
  113. Viva La revolucion
  114. Nader/Gonzalez blocked from Presidential debates
  115. Blowback from Bear-Baiting
  116. Cartoons
  117. Not Green: NBC Beijing Olympic Set Air Conditioned
  118. Obama tax plan
  119. A 'leader that God has blessed us with at this time'
  120. PC du jour
  121. McCain vs Obama: STFU on Bogley!
  122. 2008 Presidential Forum at Saddleback Church - VIDEOS
  123. McCain-Obama protodebate
  124. To Kill an American
  125. Dems likely to pick up additional senate seats
  126. Official: Obama Picks Biden for Veep
  127. Ed Rendell Attacks Media Over Bias
  128. Democrats With Most Advantages Since Watergate
  129. Democrats In Unity?
  130. Pelosi to protesters: 'Can we drill your brains?'...
  131. ins raid
  132. Obama seeks to silence ad tying him to 60s radical
  133. Why do we need the death penalty? (warning-not for squeamish
  134. Gay Marriage take 3
  135. Liberals need a cost of living increase
  136. DNC Convention Agenda for today
  137. Icononchasms
  138. Speculation over McCain veep turns to Alaska gov.
  139. Obama campaign confronts WGN radio
  140. Analysis: Obama spares details, keeps up attacks
  141. Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators
  142. Economic Wellbeing and Energy Consumption
  143. Sarah Palin
  144. Obama's gun ban
  145. Greta Live Wire? Been drinking?
  146. Obama bounce short lived
  147. God Likes Dems Better
  148. Why Obama Can't Close the Sale
  149. McCain finds easy way to save us 50m.
  150. DNC Spiritual Experience?
  151. Abe
  152. Obama Answers Your Science Questions
  153. Denied
  154. Sarah Palin's RNC Acceptance Speech
  155. sarah palin --> creationism/ID & education
  156. What is Left? What is Right?
  157. Thought This Blooper Was Funny
  158. McCain's Speech
  159. The Obama Delusion
  160. Republican convention most-watched convention ever
  161. John McCain -- Reformed Maverick
  162. obama criticizes the RNC for hardly addressing the economy
  163. The real reason to vote Republican
  164. What the VP pick says about candidates..
  165. McCain's little temper?
  166. Caption this pic
  167. McCain's popularity with Utah LDS?
  168. An American Carol
  169. Survey of people in Florida who watched both conventions
  170. UN says eat less meat to curb global warming
  171. MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors
  172. Obama: Recession could delay rescinding tax cuts
  173. John Fund on predicting the election
  174. Biden the Underdog?
  175. Is it too late for Ron Paul?
  176. Bible Warning Stickers
  177. Yahweh - The Child Killer
  178. Which States Will Change?
  179. Stevens defends Palin's stance on 'bridge to nowhere'
  180. False Internet claims and rumors fly about Palin
  181. Congress warms to new oil drilling
  182. The Hunt for Sarah October
  183. Old Farmers Almanac: Global cooling may be underway
  184. OPEC decides to curb overall output; prices rise
  185. VP Credentials?
  186. Thomas says Constitution forbids racial preference
  187. ADs for candidates
  188. McCain's Fantasy War on Earmarks
  189. who's tax plan's better -- who will cut your taxes?
  190. US oil agency accused of ethics violations
  191. Pickens pushes energy autonomy
  192. EU cut biofuel use in half
  193. Obama says he is NOT qualified
  194. Dear Mr. Obama
  195. Obamas accomplishments.....
  196. General says Iraq war going ok, next is Afghanistan
  197. Robbery at Dairy Queen with Gun Free Zone signs
  198. Has Obama gone too far?
  199. Intrade Presidential Election Futures Market
  200. Palin vs Clinton
  201. Gibson's Interview
  202. Obama's Favorite Cereal
  203. Obama tried to stall iraq withdrawal?
  204. Records show McCain more bipartisan
  205. Democrat Compares Obama to Jesus, Palin to Pontius Pilate
  206. Matt Damon bashes Palin
  207. McCain for President
  208. Move over Al Gore here comes Mcain
  209. This week sucks. More government bailouts...
  210. Paying higher taxes patriotic for wealthy
  211. Sarah's Way--or the Highway
  212. Report: Voting problems in several swing states
  213. Obama's Gun Rights Ads
  214. Obama's Way - or the Highway
  215. McCain a Bush clone?
  216. What happens if Huntsman joins McCain administration?
  217. Gay ex-Mormon donates 1M to Help Stop Prop 8
  218. Obama's Dirty Fight
  219. Cheney Is Told to Keep Official Records
  220. For me to poop on!
  221. Political Cartoons
  222. Who is smarter: james_b_wads2000 or sparker1
  223. 10 things to know about McCain
  224. 10 Things You Need to Know About Sen. Obama
  225. Obama Supports Killing Living, Breathing Babies
  226. Nobama shirt-back
  227. Who really is the worst at spellin'?
  228. McCain suspends campaign
  229. Sambo and the Bitch
  230. A little humor at McCains expense to lighten the mood
  231. Xinhua Runs Spacewalk Story Before Astronauts Leave Earth
  232. Conservative columnist urges Palin to towel in
  233. is the debate live online tonight?
  234. BruteForce at the Tintic High Point!
  235. $700 B bailout is the biggest example of blatant socialism
  236. Some more humor
  237. A mean-spirited and delicious skinning-alive of Barbie Palin
  238. Thanks, Nancy.
  239. Fix the economy for less than 50 Billion?
  240. Crappy Economy Slows Illegal Immigration
  241. Sarah Palin can't name a newspaper she reads....
  242. Pelosi Paid Husband With PAC Funds
  243. America: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  244. Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama
  245. The VP Debate
  246. Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart
  247. Legislative abortion foes unveil plan to ban procedure in Ut
  248. Raising the white flag of surrender
  249. Palin hits Obama for 'terrorist' connection
  250. The McCain / Biden ticket